3 Ways to Strengthen a Warm Heart

  •  Walk in other people’s shoes:  There is enough noticeable bad energy out there. Consider the big picture. There is great power in love so wouldn’t it be nice if we could find new ways to spread it? The messages we’ve received in our culture are clear. We’re taught to look out for ourselves; be self-sufficient and independent.  “You can’t count on other people”, and other messages have the tendency to blind us to the concerns and welfare of others. One way to invest in life’s supreme emotion (Love) is to shift your perspective of others; even those you don’t know personally. For an effective way to train your heart and mind to see others compassionately, you need not go further than the check-out line at the grocery store. Try a practice much akin to “people- watching”.  This needs to be done with a loving intent. Try to view others as people you care for and about. Remember, everyone carries a burden once in a while. If you sense a fellow human is not having a good day, send them a bit of Loving-Kindness through a warm-heart; a positive thought or gesture, word, or deed. Leave a note. Pay it forward, backward, or sideways.
  •  Reevaluate your social connections: Are you up for a little de-cluttering? How many people do you see each day or week? Are your communications and social ties feeling good to you? Well, if they’re not, you probably know what I’m going to say next. Sometimes there is more love involved in letting go of a connection that isn’t serving you. Think about one of your connections. If they are a family member or someone you are caring for, they’ll likely need you to hang around. If you need space, that is where developing healthy boundaries comes in handy. But, for the social connections you’re making out in the world or on social media, ask yourself: Is it draining or fulfilling to be with that person? How am I honoring my deepest values through this connection? Let’s say you value freedom and choice. To best-align with that deeply held value or any other, you get to weigh-in on the arrangement for your connection; the topics of conversation and activities involved in that connection. What are you saying yes to when you might be better off saying no? Your intuition knows when it’s time to wish them the best and move on. Sacrificing your autonomy or peace through any connection can be damaging. Spend time with those who bring a good energy.

  • Create a few new loving connections: Resilient people don’t go it alone.  Some look to their four-legged connections for love and this is a good thing, but the animal kingdom has got this love stuff. Focus on the people who come into your arena. If the connection feels right, honor it by making it deeper. Instead of having the mindset that love is exclusive; that it only revolves around the warm feelings you have for your children, spouse, partners or close friends, shift your awareness to the pleasant feeling you get when sharing coffee or tea with a like-minded friend. Stretch your goal to interact with someone who has a completely different approach. Share a newer perspective together and find the things you have in common. Celebrate victories with a team mate, swap a story or two with someone you just met, smile and greet a passerby and savor the micro-moment. Notice what evolves. This is love, the good feelings are brief yet recurring and each of us can participate. We need more love in this world!