One on One Coaching

Let’s Chat   Contact me by e-mail or phone to initiate a “get to know you” conversation.  I will work with you on fees as they can vary according to your situation.  To further the process, we can schedule a complimentary coaching session or complete it in the same call.

Complimentary coaching session   In this free 45-minute session, I will ask you powerful questions about your goals and dreams.  You’ll experience what coaching is like.  We will preview your intentions and go over the particulars of the coaching process.  Then, the decision is yours whether to take the leap.

Coaching Agreement   A three-month coaching agreement or 10-12 coaching sessions over 12 weeks is the norm.  The 3-month commitment gives you time to build awareness, set meaningful goals, break things down, and get into accomplishment.   To schedule, we will mutually agree on a time and day of week to meet and make adjustments as necessary per our coaching agreement.  I recommend meeting weekly the first month, then at least 3 times per month in months two and three.

Individual Coaching Sessions   Sometimes, a specific project or goal can be addressed in fewer sessions.  Let me know what you need.

How I do this work   All coaching sessions are done via phone from the comfort of your own home or office.  You will be fully supported by e-mail, texts and/or phone check-ins to keep you on track at no extra charge. 

Fees for one on one coaching  

-Three-month coaching package   10 coaching sessions over three months $750.  Payment plans available.

-Individual coaching sessions  Professional fees starting at $90 per session

6-step signature program for getting unstuck

If life coaching seems like a good idea but you’re the person who likes to have the structure of a prescribed program, I developed these 6 sessions, taking place over twelve weeks.  Each time we meet, you will leave with an inspirational “assignment” that will further your awareness and action. Support and accountability will keep you on track.

  1. Give thought to what really matters while establishing a powerful, supportive and engaging relationship with me, your coach.  Identify your top five character strengths and learn to use them effectively.
  2. Learn the language of your inner critic, identify what is holding you back and find effective ways to deal with all forms of resistance that are affecting you.
  3. Explore your overall life satisfaction through an engaging strengths-based coaching session.  Choose one or two areas of Life-Focus and make the adjustments that are just right for you.
  4. Learn about what your goals can do for you and why intentional activity is so necessary to happiness.  Shift to a new empowering perspective with goals that can bring well-being into your life.
  5. Build awareness and dive deeper into your most deeply held values. Align with your true life’s purpose.
  6. Establish specific strategies and plans and commit to them. Get the benefit of support and follow-up.  There are several options for staying connected and continuing to receive the benefits.  Learn to be accountable and make it happen.

Fees for 6-step signature program 

-Three-month coaching package   6 coaching sessions over 3 months $420.  Payment plans available.

Specialty Coaching

Coaching addresses present success which can alleviate the challenge of moving past negativity and a sense of failure.  Whether you deal with ADHD, ADHD-related issues, or have trouble with clarity and focus in general, it is important to continue dreaming and believing.  For example, the role of executive functioning in ADHD is supported by coaching because it inspires choosing goals and meaningful intentional activity to maximize well-being in the future.   With specialty coaching, clients feel more self-aware and more effective in their lives.  Self-management and managing the pragmatic aspects of life aren’t as overwhelming.  Life satisfaction is enhanced with the life coaching model, skills coaching, and education.  As a coach with years of experience working with people who learn and live differently, I can look through your lens which is unique to this type of coaching.

Fees for Specialty Coaching 

-Three-month coaching package (Recommended)   10 coaching sessions over three months $750.  Payment plans available.

-Extender Packages available for continuation of services   I will gladly continue to be your coach for as long as you are progressing.  We can discuss affordable ways to extend coaching at the end of the first three months.  Extended coaching is also available for those who complete a one on one coaching package or the 6-step signature program.

Group Coaching

Find support and accountability  in a small group of like-minded people.  Coaching in groups is fun and cost effective.  Joining a group can get you feeling connected as you move forward with your goals and dreams.  Groups are designed around themes such as work-life balance.   For this year, the theme for groups will focus around the unique character strengths of the members.  My intent is to guide dedicated like-minded women who value self-development creating a ripple effect of positive change.  Ask me about participating in a group.  Bring your friends and contact me.  I am currently available to facilitate small groups in-person if you are in the Lansing Michigan area.

Fees for Group Coaching 

-Time-limited or ongoing groups   Range of fees from “Pro Bono” for Pilot Groups to $25 per session for established and ongoing groups.

Let’s Create A Ripple of Positive Change