Far Surpassed my Hopes!

Gayle has far surpassed my hopes for a life coach. She is a marvelous person, skilled, kind-hearted, and a wonderful human being to work with. Gayle has been a supporter and in my corner for over 2 years. Together we have worked towards opening up my thinking to see the endless possibilities in life. The growth has been beautifully refreshing and joyful to feel within; as Gayle would say, “We are all spiraling upward”

– Michelle

Found the Clarity I was Seeking

With Gayle’s soul-stirring, thought-eliciting questions and her helping me to truly hear and examine my answers, I found the clarity I was seeking, as well as some much-needed inspiration.” ~ Jenn

– Jenn

Highly Recommend!

If you are looking for a coach, I recommend you work with Gayle. Gayle brings empathy, humor and wisdom to every conversation. She listens very closely to what I say (and to what I do not say!). She creates a safe environment to explore my goals, my challenges, and celebrations. I have experienced many AHA moments with Gayle, moments when I realize that something has shifted within me, and it is good, and it happens because of Gayle’s insightful questions, and her caring manner.

– Carol
San Francisco, CA

Her Coaching Keeps Me Committed

Initially, Gayle helped me to visualize my real purpose, identify my unique strengths, and organize and take steps toward the personal and career goals that I care most about. Now, she tracks my progress, helps me rethink strategy/steps when I get sidetracked, and reminds me that I am okay. Gayle’s coaching keeps me committed and energized toward my vision.

– Karen
Training Developer/Higher Ed Program Administrator

Great Guide and Listener

Gayle’s gentle nudging allowed me to set goals for myself and move forward after being “stuck”. I was instantly at ease with her style of deep listening and felt she genuinely cared about my journey, taking to heart her role as a guide along the path.”

– Mj