“Let’s work together to clarify and accomplish what is most meaningful to your unique life’s purpose.”
– Gayle Thompson

If you can relate to any of these questions,
I would love to work with you.

Are you stuck?

Change is not easy, but if you are willing to engage in a coaching relationship, you can move past resistance and achieve your goals.

Are you distracted, unorganized, unfocused?

I will meet you where you are and coach you toward clarity and focus following the path that is right for you.

Do life’s responsibilities get in the way of your own self-care?

The burdens of caring for others can feel like a weight on your shoulders. Coaching can reveal ways to tend to your own well-being as you fulfill your noble purpose.

I help curious and creative women create meaningful
change while staying true to their deepest values!

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life.
It is a creative and collaborative process where you and your coach work
together in partnership through powerful, thought-provoking conversations.

One on one life coaching

6-step signature program for getting unstuck

Specialty and Group Coaching

Client Testimonials

“Gayle has far surpassed my hopes for a life coach. She is a marvelous person, skilled, kind-hearted, and a wonderful human being to work with. Gayle has been a supporter and in my corner for over 2 years. Together we have worked towards opening up my thinking to see the endless possibilities in life. The growth has been beautifully refreshing and joyful to feel within; as Gayle would say, “We are all spiraling upward” ~ Michelle

“With Gayle’s soul-stirring, thought-eliciting questions and her helping me to truly hear and examine my answers, I found the clarity I was seeking, as well as some much-needed inspiration.” ~ Jenn

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